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How exciting!

Whether it’s your first home or you’re an experienced property buyer it’s always an exciting time when you’ve found ‘the one’.

What now?

You’ve found the property that ticks the boxes and arranged pre-approval with your bank so now you call Millard Conveyancing!

The earlier you speak to Millard Conveyancing the better. We can review the Contract and Form 1 statement whilst you are still in your cooling-off period.

It is also important that you have a pre-approval from your bank before you enter the contract if a cooling off period applies. If you intend to purchase the property in a scenario where cooling off period does not apply such as at auction or via a pre auction offer then you must discuss this with your your banker or broker before hand.

We provide a complete solution to our clients needs when purchasing a property from the initial review of contracts to the document preparation, booking in of settlement, attending to settlement and beyond. At Millard Conveyancing your satisfaction is the most fundamental measure of our success. Our experienced Conveyancers will assist you promptly, always keeping your legal interests in mind.

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