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Conveyancing of Land & Property

Buying or selling property can be one of the more stressful events in your life. Call in the experts to make it as smooth and stress free as possible.

Millard Conveyancing will:

  • Guide you through the conveyancing process
  • Liaise with real estate agents – we have great relationships with all the local agents
  • Manage mortgages, rates, taxes and more – and let you know the costs you’re up for well in advance of settlement
  • Provide contract advice – whether you’re the buyer or seller
  • Prepare and execute contracts if you’re selling privately
  • Represent you at settlement – we’ll ensure the keys (buyers) and cheques (sellers) are handed over on time every time!

For conveyancing made easy contact us today.

Land Divisions & Leasing

Sometimes you could be sitting on the proverbial goldmine – a parcel of land, large or small, that is ripe for subdivision. Unfortunately this great opportunity can also be a minefield. That’s where our specialist conveyancer can help.

Millard Conveyancing will:

  • Guide you through the subdivision process from Council approval to contracts for sale
  • Prepare all of the paperwork
  • Work with your surveyor
  • Help you to market

Leasing is another specialist area at Millard Conveyancing. We can easily review or prepare all leases, lease renewals and extensions.
For land division and leasing made easy contact us today.

Private Contracts & Family Transfers

If you have managed to sell your property privately Millard Conveyancing can prepare the Contract and Form 1 statement on your behalf.

Transfers of property between family members can happen for any number of reasons. It could be a good reason like a gift or marriage or a sad one like separation, divorce or the death of someone close.

Family transfers are not often straightforward and there can be a lot of emotion involved too. That’s where we can help; we will look at things practically and give the best advice to you and your family.

Millard Conveyancing will:

  • Manage family transfers
  • Prepare and execute Private Contracts and Form 1 statements
  • Manage any changes from family trusts

For family transfers made easy contact us today.

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