Vendor FAQs

When should I call my Conveyancer?

Millard Conveyancing recommends making an appointment as soon as you’ve decided to sell your property. The sooner we can review the contract the sooner we can advise any amendments or special conditions you should consider. We can also help if you decide to sell without using a real estate agent – this often happens when a vendor already has a buyer in mind – and could be easier than you think.

I’ve called Millard Conveyancing, what happens next?

After you meet your friendly Millard Conveyancer, we’ll talk about your sale plans, then we take care of the hard work!

In summary… we’ll start by making sure that the contract, Form 1 statement and other accompanying documents are correct, obtain and check all relevant government searches. We’ll make sure that all special conditions are complied with on time and that the deposit has been paid to the Real Estate Agent.  We’ll prepare the paperwork including discharge of mortgage authorities (and we’ll liaise with your financier too to make sure the mortgages are discharged at settlement). We’ll check and arrange the execution of the  Memorandum of Transfer and liaise with your bank to ensure we meet the settlement date, advising all relevant parties (SA Water, local council etc) of the change in ownership and the best bit of all… quick access to your funds!

What services does Millard Conveyancing provide to Vendors for selling a property?

  • Settlement for Residential and Commercial properties
  • Family Transfers
  • Private Mortgages
  • Applications to Register Death
  • Transmission Applications
  • Caveats
  • Preparation of Private Contracts
  • Land Divisions

What can you expect from your Conveyancer when you are the Vendor?

Millard Conveyancing will make it easy. We will be with you every step of the selling process, offering advice and assistance on all conveyancing matters including:

  • Your legal obligation including insurance responsibilities
  • Understanding your special conditions or “subject to” clauses
  • Circumstances in which a party can avoid settlement
  • Calculation of rates and taxes and preparation of adjustment statements and settlement statements
  • Discharging any mortgage liabilities
  • Payment of outstanding property accounts
  • Change of ownership notifications
  • Making sure you get access to your money as soon as possible after settlement

List more specific Conveyancing services for a Vendor are:

  • Taking initial instructions and creating a file
  • Undertaking the required statutory searches for anything affecting the property
  • Advising on the information in the Contract and Form 1 and checking this against the Statutory searches
  • Ensuring that all Special Conditions are complied with within their nominated time frames
  • Checking that the deposit has been paid to the Real Estate Agent
  • Preparing all documentation, including any discharge of mortgage authorities
  • Liaising with existing mortgagees and financiers to enable current mortgages to be discharged at settlement
  • Liaising with the Purchaser’s Representative to ensure all matters are dealt with in a timely manner
  • Calculation of rates and taxes
  • Check the preparation of the Memorandum of Transfer and arrange for its execution
  • Preparation of adjustment statement and settlement statement
  • Properly accounting for all monies released or held in trust
  • Complete the Statutory Verification of Identity for all Registered Proprietors
  • Attending to settlement on your behalf
  • Completing final SA Water search and calculating excess water used to the settlement date
  • Advising SA Water, the Local Council, Revenue SA and any applicable Strata/Community Manager of the change in ownership.

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